See us on August 21st at Sam's Town!

Welcome back friends, family, vendors and visitors to The Quill; the official Newsletter of the Artisan Craft Festival. Last month at Suncoast was a spectacular good time with Santa and our new photo booth! This month we are at Sam's Town in the Ponderosa room and look forward to several new vendors and a great time again with our regulars.

Now that summer is in full swing and the school year is beginning very soon, Artisan Craft Festival has partnered with the Salvation Army's Supply Our Students (S.O.S.) school supplies drive. This month, when you attend the Artisan Craft Festival, we ask if you are able to bring along any school supplies that you would like to donate to this very worthy effort by the Salvation Army.

Join our Facebook Event Page and make sure you hit the join button to join and then click invite to invite all your friends. This month we are having an INVITE CONTEST! The top 6 people who invite friends to the show will receive prizes. See the Event page for details. We look forward to seeing you at the Artisan Craft Festival, Sam's Town in the Ponderosa Ballroom, 5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89122.

Come out and support The Supply Our Students on Sunday August 21st. Have fun, contribute to this amazing charity and receive a free gift as a thank you from our vendors and Artisan Craft Festival.
Visit for information.

Supply Our Students

Its that time of year that we all loved as kids. It's back to school time. For most of us and our children this is fun and exciting; a chance for us to express ourselves through school supplies. The right binder, the cool backpack, fresh sneakers and the perfect notebooks all getting us ready for another year of heady scholarly studies and personal growth... or at least spending time with our friends away from parents trudging through the school year.

However, for many Las Vegas students this is not the case. Thousands of children don't get school supplies or not the basic minimum suggested by the CCSD, leaving our teachers with broken hearts and empty pocket books. In many cases teachers reach into their own pockets so that students can have the basic essentials to learn in their classrooms. With more than 100 Title 1 schools this is a problem that affects almost every school in the district.

For more information or to get involved with Supply Our Students, see their booth at our August 21st show or visit them at:
Salvation Army of Southern Nevada

Artisan Craft Festival is proudly trying to help by hosting our first Supply Our Students school supply drive. Everybody is encouraged to bring school supplies of any kind. Any donation of school supplies will get you a very special Artisan Craft Festival Gift. Cash donations will also be accepted. The cash and supplies will be donated through The Salvation Army. We are proud to be partnered in this venture with such an amazing, generous and compassionate charity. For more than 150 years The Salvation Army has been an organization on the front lines fighting against human despair. Please come out to Sam's Town August 21 and support our students, teachers and schools.

John's Incredible Pizza is supporting the Supply Our Students school supply drive. Come out and visit with Incredibear and receive a $10 coupon for games at your local John's Incredible Pizza.

Artisan Craft Online Mall

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Coming from a very artistic family, Christine Esposito has been creating nearly her entire life in one form or another. She is inspired by colors and bits and pieces of the world around her, creating with both old and new, rusty and shiny, paper and metal. The journey to opening her very first "brick & mortar" studio has been a wild ride. In 2007 she began showing her recycled art made from a variety of things including aluminum cans during Las Vegas' monthly First Friday forward 1 1/2 years and her and her husband were the first to vend outside in the back of The Arts Factory.
Growing in popularity with locals & tourists alike, in October 2011 they were offered the opportunity to open Hiptazmic Studio inside The Arts Factory as a family studio. Christine & her daughter create all types of upcycled art, but now mainly focus on Steampunk themed pieces, while her husband Matt has his vinyl business making shirts, signs, & banners.

With the growing popularity of Steampunk , Hiptazmic Studio became a "go to" destination for all things vintage & Steampunkery in nature. Clothing, jewelry, accessories & more, all made with vintage & new bits, baubles, found objects and the like.

Busy with the studio, they don't do many outside events, but are now involved with the Artisan Craft Festival. Christine says, "We love the team that puts these events together! They are so supportive and helpful before, during, & after the event. You can see they want their vendors happy & successful. Plus each event has a wonderful variety of vendors, both seasoned, and new to the circuit."
Be sure to check out Hiptazmic Studio at the August 21st Artisan Craft Festival at Sam's Town or online at:

Hiptazmic facebook

Welcome to our Newest Vendors!


One of our newest Vendors is WhattaMug, a local Las Vegas crafter that specializes in unique personalized mugs for every occasion.
We started Whattamug four years ago in California, while looking for a part time job. My daughter was looking at a catalog to start a screen press business and as I was looking at her catalog I came across the section to do heat press mugs. And so the story began.
We started out doing small craft fairs and over the years it has grown to large county fairs and festivals. We continue to do craft fairs in various cities to meet different people and get new ideas. Some of our specialties are fundraisers for high schools and breast cancer groups. We have also done company logos and personalized mugs. In addition to the mugs, we have also done water bottles and are thinking to expanding our product to include shot glasses in the near future. We recently moved to Las Vegas and have started our networking here in Nevada. While attending various local craft fair venues, we continue looking for new ways and ideas that people inspire us to create. The mugs are done one at a time, starting with a blank sublimation mug. The template is created with special ink, using special paper and the images are heat pressed onto the mug/water bottle. The images do not rub off, but may fade if a bleach cleaner is used to wash them. Each mug is 15 ounces and is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. We welcome any new ideas to be created.
Come see Whattamug at the August 21st show at Sam's Town!

Aroma of Paradise

I have always loved candles burning in my house. However, I have 3 children and have always worried about the flame, soot and smoke. Then I was introduced to Scentsy aromatherapy and fragrance essential oils and was addicted. All my worries were put to rest when I was told about the safety features. Thats when I decided to share Scentsy with everyone! Their Aromatherapy, Wickless Candles, Fragrances, Essential Oils all sourced from the finest natural ingredients from around the globe deliver the best natural fragrances in the world.
I didn't know signing up to sell wax and warmers would have such an impact on my future. I joined in 2014 thinking our products for everyone, and that I'd be able to sell the products and people would love them. What I didn't know is how much it would help my family financially, amazing people that I meet, or that the customers would become my friends. Some have even join my Scentsy team! I was just so excited to learn and figure out how to get my name and business out there. I grew so much personally! I look around me and now knowing how blessed I am.
My business is now Our business. My husband and son our a big part of the the business John and Alex. To have the friends that I do that I wouldn't have met if it wouldn't have been for Scentsy. The Scentsy family is more than just signing up to have your own direct sales business it's about meeting amazing people and building relationships. Last month I flew to Nashville for a Scentsy reunion. I flew for the first time by myself. Can you believe it?? Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone.
Come visit Kim at the Artisan Craft Festival and see what's new to enhance your decor and bring a beautiful aroma to your home. Visit Aroma of Paradise online.

Creative Mosquito Repellant

Here is a clever idea to get rid of the mosquito's at your next outing.