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Welcome back friends, family, vendors and visitors to The Quill; the official Newsletter of the Artisan Craft Festival. Each month The Artisan Craft Festival selects a charity to benefit from the proceeds of their craft festival. Last month, we put the spotlight on our favorite veterns organization, the USO.

This month the Artisan Craft Festival will return to their first venue at Suncoast Grand Ballroom for an exciting Christmas in July themed show. Our vendors are ready with their best in handmade gifts! In keeping with our Christmas theme, this month's charity is Toys4Smiles. A charitable organization that helps provide toys for children...

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Come out and support The Toys 4 Smiles Sunday July 17th. Have fun, contribute to this amazing charity and receive a free gift as a thank you from our vendors and Artisan Craft Festival.

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This month, Artisan Craft Festival is proud to support Toys4Smiles, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that combines the resources of donations and volunteers in making toys in their workshop, then distributing those toys to children in need. Toys4Smiles mission is to provide a toy to children of all ages in need of a smile, while providing a sense of purpose, caring, and community to the volunteers of Toys 4 Smiles. These toys are not simply playthings, but tools that help unlock a child's ability to think, to be creative, and to cope with the world around them.
Currently, Toys4Smiles has delivered 252,655 smiles! This month Toys4Smiles is celebrating 10 years of helping children in the Las Vegas valley. Come out and support their mission and learn more about how you can create smiles through this fantastic organization

Toys For Smiles started in 2006 with a goal of giving away 500 toys to children who are in need. Needy doesn't signify wealth instead it denotes the need for children to have a smile. Rex Doley and two other volunteers made the first batch at The Happy Factory in Las Vegas. They are a volunteer driven organization that has reached various milestones but is still in need of volunteers to work at one of their stations or as a Shop Monitor an Administrative Volunteer. They have given away 251,384 handcrafted toys to children and by children they include all ages. There oldest "child" in need was an elderly man who hadn't moved his hands in years but his ligaments were motivated into motion by the placement of a Toys For Smiles hand crafted vehicle placed by his bedside.Wheels His first motion in years was his hand reaching to push a Toys For Smiles vehicle. This is just one the many stories of individuals touched by the handcrafted toys, but it is one that shows that anyone of any age can benefit from receiving a Toys For Smiles toy.
Their volunteers are very meticulous and provide a quality product. As Lou, one of the retired and dedicated volunteers says, "Its not about how many toys he's made; its about the quality of the toys that bring the smiles to the children in need."

For more information or to get involved with Toys4Smiles, see their booth at our July 17th show or call or visit them at:
4315 Dean Martin Dr
Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Toys For Smiles prides themselves in their craftsmanship. They always have six different models which they distribute. Each model is glue together with non-toxix glue and oiled with mineral oil which is also nontoxic. All Toys For Smiles toys are smooth and will not give a child a splinter which makes them kid-friendly as well.One of the six should be kept in your cars glovebox, as Rex explains, " for a child that needs a smile". And when the glove box is empty refill it," and when you see that smile caused by giving a child a Toys For Smiles toy for the first time you will understand the importance of the charity". Models Toys For Smiles is the only non-profit organization in the Las Vegas area that manufactures the items they donate. They are in their new workspace which has air condition and which is an upgrade that made volunteering a much "cooler experience". Lou who is a long-time volunteer says that this is a great place for retired , elderly and handicapped volunteers. It gives volunteers a sense of purpose and fills what would be ideal time.Its great to be a part of something that gives back and provides smiles. Toys For Smiles has made it thus far with the dedicated help from the generous support of their corporate vendors. Most of their wood is donated by Ganahl Lumber and gets shipped to the Toys For Smiles location by Peterman Lumber. These corporate donors are just a few that back the charity and who helped make their 10 year anniversary plausible as well as their dedicated volunteer. The quality over quality motto definitely drives the toys that Toys For Smiles provides and they would love for you to volunteer so that they can meet their goal of providing 1,000,000 smiles to the children of Las Vegas.

Artisan Craft Receives Congressional Recognition

US Representative Joe Heck presented to the Artisan Craft Festival, a Certificate of Special Recognition, for it's grand opening at Sam's Town and recognition for their contributions benefiting United States veterans and providing creative business opportunities for the citizens of Nevada.

Congressman Joe Heck, a strong supporter of small businesses, stood up for small businesses by voting yes on (R-NV-03); legislation that would extend a one-year 20% tax cut to small businesses. The Small Business Tax Cut Act, permits more funds available to small businesses to expand, hire, or retain current employees by offering pay increases.

Heck states that,"The state of Nevada is home to more than forty-five thousand small businesses that have shed jobs in recent years and are reluctant to hire because of the tax burden placed on them by Washington." While Nevada is still recovering from the small business jobs that were lost during the recession, Heck has helped get the bill passed that allows small businesses with less than 500 employees to take a tax deduction equal to 20% of their active business income.

Artisan Craft Festival is a huge supporter of fostering opportunities for small businesses. The Artisan Craft Festival is a widely-recognized craft show in Las Vegas that appeals to family-owned and small businesses involved in the making and selling of handmade products.

The Artisan Craft Festival provides two venues (each on opposite sides of the greater Las Vegas area) for small businesses to display and sell their merchandise at the monthly shows; Suncoast and Sam's Town.

In addition to the opportunity to sell at shows, Artisan Craft Festival employs a marketing team to help businesses in maximizing their potential for reaching their target market for each show and in turn increase their profitability.

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The Action Painting Experience

David Vapnitsky is the co-founder of the Action Painting Experience, LLC. He has has always been fascinated by the art of Jackson Pollock who developed the "drip painting method". The drip painting method involves the individual dripping and or spraying a canvas with various paint types and then spinning the painting to allow the paint to flow around the canvas filling blank spaces with color. Today, many of Jackson Pollocks work is found in Museums all over the world. Some art critics consider him the greatest American painter of the early 20th century in the abstract expressionist movement; his artwork, greatly inspired by Pablo Picasso can fetch over $100 Million Dollars!
Mr. Vapnitsky who was accomplished in other areas was drawn to creating art pieces by empoying Pollocks drip painting technique. He wondered if anyone could paint as well as Mr. Pollock?

This inquisitiveness led him to research the materials needed to begin. He bought canvases, paints and other materials needed in order to head out to the Nevada desert to practice. David set up his art station with a painters tarp between the gravel and the canvas; thereafter, he began his ecploration into the 'drip painting' technique. He's had numerous successes and countless failure but he found that the 'action painting experience' of dripping and splashing the paint on the canvas to be relaxing, therapeutic, and exciting. He thought: "what a wonderful way for any child or adult to create their own masterpiece in minutes". The Action Painting Experience was born. He realizes that the beauty of the piece is not in a contest to be the best but instead it is in the process.

Come encounter The Action Painting Experience at the Artisan Craft Festival on July 17th at the Suncoast.

Welcome to our Newest Vendors!

Sweet n Sasse

One of our newest Vendors is Sweet n Sasse, a local Las Vegas crafter that specializes in unique handcrafted beaded and leather Jewelry and accessories for the cultured and selective tastes.

Sweet n Sasse recently launched a mens line to their collection, the Luxe Line. The Luxe Line features Grade A polished premium beads and semi-precious micro-pave crystal Swarovski stones. The beads utilized are moss agate, lapis, and black onyx; perfect for combining with other pieces or as a standalone signature piece.

Come see Sweet n Sasse and Just Rockin Out along with 85 other vendors at the Suncoast event on July 17th.

Visit the Artisan Facebook Page for all the latest details.

Just Rockin' Out

Just Rockin' Out began its journey in May 2013 in Running Springs, California. In May 2015, owners Mike and Vicki Lalicker moved their operation to Bullhead City, Arizona. Vicki, a rock aficionado, decided to turn her hobby into a business by creating stunning jewelry from rocks she tumbles herself. Mike, affectionately known as Captain Tie Dye and harboring a lifetime of love for tie-dye, saw an opportunity to share with everyone the artistry of blended colors on anything. Together, they believe tie dye and jewelry could rock out together, birthing a one of a kind business concept. Captain Tie Dye creates custom tie dye items on the spot. Patrons choose their item, their colors and patterns - and can even create their custom masterpiece themselves. Captain Tie Dye provides gloves, dye and instruction to guide them. He enjoys working with children of all ages. It's fun to watch young artists at work. Also, for those needing instant gratification, a wide variety of pre-made tie dye items are available.

Tim's Totes and Handbags is a Las Vegas local family-owned business. Tim, Lynn and the whole Henkel Dilloo family are involved to make their enterprise a success. Dedicated to quality time with their family and most importantly with each other they decided to put their energy into Tim’s Totes in the hopes of finding relief from their busy schedules. It isn't rare to see Lynn's parents on their scooters showing off their beautiful handbags or one of the three kids selling a backpack.

Tim and Lynn take pride in having the latest fashions in handbags, wristlets, and sunglasses.

Online they have a strong presence with a stout 3000 items to choose from. They have something for everybody and every budget. “Where Sassy meets Classy” is their company motto.

Always at Artisan Craft Festival See us on July 17th

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Recycled Bottle Pin Tray

Here is a clever idea to create a pin tray to hold your earrings, keys or change. This project is made from a recycled plastic bottle. With a little modification, this project could also make a sun-catcher or table favor. Depending on how creative you want to get.
A Plastic Bottle (water or soda)
Ink (sharpie or higgins)
Sharp Knife
tea candle

Step Two: Cut
Along the bottom of the bottle, note the creased seam. This is present on most all bottles. This is a good guide for cutting the bottom. I used a really sharp knife, you can use a craft knife, but I do not recommend using scissors. Cut all the way around. Then you can use the scissors to straighten or trim up your cut.
Step Four: Decorate
To decorate your flower pin try, I used Higgins Ink and brushed it on. You can use a sharpie; any variety of colors are available. I do not recommend using any type of paint as the ink is best since it dries quickly and is permanent on the plastic. Nail polish will work also, but choose a transparent type. Be creative and mix a few colors together.

Step Six: Final Touch
As a final touch, I applied some glitter nail polish (It's hard to see in the photo!) Just to give it a little sparkle. Make sure that if you use nail polish, you use a transparent type.

Step One: Select your bottle:
For this project, I chose a 16 oz water bottle, but you can use a plastic two-liter as well. The important part is the florette shaped bottom that gives a good effect for your finished project.

Step Three: Trim
Using the scissors, make a V-shaped cut along the ribs of the bottom of the bottle. Only go down to where the flat part of the bottom begins. If you are having trouble, you can use your knife to make a slit and then use the scissors to make the V-shaped cut.

Step Five: Heat Edges
Using a tea candle (you can also use a lighter) Briefly heat up the edges of the flower petals to make them curl over. It only takes a second for the plastic to curl, so be careful and briefly bring your heat source close to the edges and move away to let it cool.

Other Ideas:
To make a sun-catcher, use a hole punch in a petal of the flower and hang from the window with yarn or fishing line. To make a table favor, decorate approprotately (avoid using non-food grade inks or polish; a non-toxic sharpie is fine, or decorate only on the outside of the piece.) and fill with mints for your guests.

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