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Welcome back friends, family, vendors and visitors to The Quill; the official Newsletter of the Artisan Craft Festival. Each month The Artisan Craft Festival selects a charity to benefit from the proceeds of their craft festival. Last month, The Artisan Craft Festival partnered with The Veterans of Foreign War. The VFW is celebrating 81 years of working for our veterans. Their participation was spearheaded by Bruce Hollinger. He stated, "I enjoyed working with a new network of individuals".

The artisans participating in the craft festival attract an amazing customer base that not only revered the veterans but enjoyed participating in helping the VFW continue reaching their service goals. Attendees and vendors alike took pleasure donating their support and finances, so the VFW may continue providing services to veterans and their families.

The VFW was strategically placed at the entrance of the event which allowed them to greet attendees and offer a slice of the beautiful cake decorated with the insignia of each branch of America's military. Hollinger expressed that The Artisan Craft Festival provided a unique environment that is made up of a different network of entrepreneurs and consumers. He encourages artisans to take part in the Artisan Craft Festival and stated he had a great experience and anxiously looks forward to participating at future Artisan Craft Festival events.

This month, the Artisan Craft Festival is held at our newest venue, Sam's Town 511 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89122; inside the Ponderosa Ballroom.

Come out and support The USO Sunday June 26th at the Sam's Town. Have fun, contribute to this amazing charity and receive a free gift as a thank you from the USO, our vendors and Artisan Craft Festival. Visit for information.

USO - Serving America's Troops and Their Families

This month, Artisan Craft Festival is proud to support the USO. The USO's mission statement is to strengthen America's military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation. And for 75 years they have been the nation's leading, congressionally chartered, private organization designated to serve our military men, woman and their families.

Servicing military families from the beginning stages of their assignments, deployments and their transitions back and forth between civilian life. This group of organizations includes the Salvation Army, Young Men's Christian Association, Young Women's Christian Association, National Catholic Community Services, National Travelers Aid Association and the National Jewish Welfare Board.

Each of these organizations strives to offer a supportive home front. They are of the belief that the United States needs to stand by the side of our soldiers with donor's generosity and volunteer support. This relieves some of the pressure off the shoulders of our soldiers to they can perform their duties globally. The USO has service centers at or near military installations across the United States and throughout the world. The USO also has locations in combat zones, and even un-staffed USO service sites in places too dangerous for anyone but combat troops to occupy. The USO is currently led by CEO and President Dr. J.D. Crouch II, the USO's staff and thousands of dedicated volunteers operate more than 160 centers worldwide.

For more information on the USO: Sarah Bell 702-261-6590

Artisan Craft Online Mall

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Deb's Funky Folk Art

Deb Tsakalos, owner of Deb's Funky Folk Art, is a tenured vendor at The Artisan Craft Festival. She specializes in recycled and up-cycled art. Deb's work is set apart by the pleasure she finds in discovering items that appear lifeless and then reviving them into expressive pieces of art. Always on the hunt for that unique idea, she shops at places like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores for objects like cabinet doors, gently used chairs or belts.

She takes pleasure in discovering the unwanted objects that she believes deserve a second chance. She takes these discarded objects and uniquely pairs them with bright colors to produce a one of a kind funky flair. Her Objets D'art have recently received a fabulous response from the art community. Yet, her greatest joy does not come from the accolades of the community, rather it comes from positively engaging with the attendees at The Artisan Craft Festival.

She loves interacting with her customers and has a unique approach to manning her booth; standing and engaging with customers throughout the whole craft festival. Deb's passion is to pass on her infectious smile and bubbly aura through her personality and her artwork. This is most likey why her unique take on recycling and upcycling what others may call "Trash" into beautiful pieces that have earned her recognition in the art world, recently receiving a second invitation to exhibit at the Blue Kit Gallery in Colorado.

Aside from having her work on exhibit, it is also being used to remodel the house of her favorite customer Debbie, whom she met at The Artisan Craft Festival. Deb credits the network of vendors at The Artisan Craft Festival with allowing her artwork and her creativity to thrive in such a well-organized craft festival.

Come see Deb at Artisan Craft Festival on June 26th.
Visit Deb's Shop online at Deb's Funky Folk Art

Welcome to our Newest Vendor!

Sweet Emotions Boutique

This is a unique artisan duo. The team is a mother-daughter one that bonds through their crafts. One sells body scrubs and jewelry while the other sells unique night lights and together they make up Sweet Emotions Boutique. They haven't been on the Festival path for long but during their time in the business they have made a great network of fellow artisans. Mother Jodi creates a fairy world inside a globe featuring bromeliad plants, that are sold on a stand or hanging. The daughter part of the duo, Lacy puts a creative twist on night lights with her

uniquely decorated mason jar nightlights. They also sell jewelry and sugar scrubs. They enjoy participating in craft shows and find that working together brings them closer especially since it provides Jodi with an unneeded excuse to see her lovely grandbabies more. Though one lives in Phoenix and the other in California they make time to meet each moth and work together and build their business. Their iPhone's are vital to their success and they do a lot of work over Facetime. Come see Jodi and Lacy at the Sam's Town event on June 26th. Sweet Emotions Facebook

...And our Newest Venue - Sam's Town!

Artisan Craft Festival is excited for our iagural show at Sam's Town on June 26th. Sam's Town, being part of one of the world's largest gaming conglomerates, Boyd Gaming, brings to our event a new dimension and strength. They have jumped in with both feet to ensure a great experience for our attendee's vendors, fans and friends. They have graciously committed all their casino signage, both of their marquees,

emails blasts to all their gamers and have created a "Boyd Bucks" program. All of you out there that are B-Connected Members will have the opportunity to trade your points in for Boyd Bucks to shop at our amazing Artisan Craft Festival June 26, 2016. You will receive 1 Boyd Buck for every 100 points you have earned. Look for their emails or visit their website for further details.

Tim's Totes and Handbags is a Las Vegas local family-owned business. Tim, Lynn and the whole Henkel Dilloo family are involved to make their enterprise a success. Dedicated to quality time with their family and most importantly with each other they decided to put their energy into Tim’s Totes in the hopes of finding relief from their busy schedules. It isn't rare to see Lynn's parents on their scooters showing off their beautiful handbags or one of the three kids selling a backpack.

Tim and Lynn take pride in having the latest fashions in handbags, wristlets, and sunglasses.

Online they have a strong presence with a stout 3000 items to choose from. They have something for everybody and every budget. “Where Sassy meets Classy” is their company motto.

Always at Artisan Craft Festival See us on June 26th

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Bicycle Gear Votive Holder

Here is a clever idea to create some really interesting candle holders. Perfect for the gear head or steampunk types!
Step One: Choose Appropriately-Sized Gears
In order for the gear votive holder to proportionately align with the candles it holds, you must heed proper size and scale. Stick with gears between 2-1/2 inches and 6-1/2 inches in diameter.
Because the gears will be layered with a pyramid effect, using several gears differing between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch in diameter will result in a balanced, stacked look.
Step Three: Apply Glue and Stack
Allow sufficient time (one full day) for glue to cure before inserting and lighting votive candle.

Bicycle gears ranging from 2-1/2 inches to 6-1/2 inches in diameter
Damp cloth or paper towel
Votive candles
Permanent bond glue

Step Two:Wipe Excess Oil
Before assembling the gears, wipe excess oil and residue with a damp cloth or paper towel. You may want to use a grease cutting detergent (like Ajax) to dissolve any oils.

Step Four: Insert Votive Candle
After the glue has properly cured and the stacked gears have bonded, place the votive candle into the hole of the top gear.